Glavni trg 14, Maribor
Opening hours:
Tuesday−Friday: 10 a.m.–1 a.m. and 5 p.m.–7 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m.–1 a.m.


+386 59 076 371 ali +386 59 076 372

artKIT is a space inside the Maribor Town Hall (located at the address of Glavni trg 14, in the old part of the city). Its program and organizational structure are led by the Association for Culture and Education KIBLA. The place is owned by the Municipality of Maribor, and follows the idea of revitalizing the old city center and many of its abandoned or deserted areas, where artists can display original works created through traditional fine art approaches, as well as contemporary artistic practices.

In 2017 we are launching a new cycle of contemporary art exhibitions. The main focus is on local and younger generation artists, but not excluding regional, national, and international collaborations and exchanges in the field of contemporary art genres. The artKIT exhibition space aims primarily to support artists in the sense of a modern-day “artistic à la carte cuisine”: not only will the artists have an opportunity to showcase and sell their works, but the thematic and formal background of the artistic process will be presented regularly to the visitors through live performances and on-the-spot creative artistic practices. Such innovative and original social get-togethers help to create a connection between creators and lovers of art, but also links with upcoming young artists and amateurs, who wish to explore every step of the creative process, not just the end result. The central objective is to provide a link between the artist and potential interested parties and lovers of art. In this sense, artKIT would serve as a good practice example of implementing cultural events “with a twist” in the heart of the city.

With each monthly art show, the artKIT exhibition venue will feature an event called “breakfast with the artist”, which provides an added value to the concept, as artists will prepare live presentations and/or demonstrations of the process of creating a fine art piece. Slovenian visual artists, namely, are generally still lacking proper opportunities to present or exhibit their works publicly. In this sense, too, artKIT is a novelty, with presentations of artists and artworks happening in a place of subtle atmosphere, at the heart of the gallery space, rather than in “boardrooms”. The basic idea is to bring culture closer to the wider public, to call attention to the unenviable position of our artists, and to help them in terms of promotion and visibility. Art wants to be public, which is why artKIT supports the spreading of cultural-artistic information and products in a form as accessible as possible to the local public, but also to those who are less involved in the cultural happening in our town.